Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This was designed by Brain Laird to provide a more scale looking F-20 sloper. Most of the other F-20 kits are stretched, thinned and rather un-f20 looking. This one was also designed to reduce the pitch instability that most F-20 slopers suffer from. This instability comes from the short tail moment and from the horizontal stab being directly in line with the wing. At slow speeds this causes some elevator blanking, resulting in minor pitch oscillations. This F-20 was designed to reduce this while still looking like a real F-20.

The kit features a fiberglass fuselage with a separate hatch and belly pan. This reduces the work the builder must do. The wing cores are a modified RG-14 That can be sheeted with 1/16 balsa or 1/64 ply. (as per order)

Flight performance is best when build between 40 and 60 ounces and when flown on a good slope in 20+ mph winds. *This is not a light wind ship.

Short Kit........$225.00 tax & shipping included
clear canopy......$20.00

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